Submission Guidelines

  • DirSub Web Directory is a quality directory. We will accept only quality sites, no matter what the niche of the site.
  • The basic criteria for acceptance is that your site contains original content. If your site is a mirror site or primarily contains links selling affiliate products, it will be rejected.
  • You CAN submit the inside pages of your site.
  • Normally, 75 percent of listings are rejected, either because the website is not a great quality or because the submission was not as per the guidelines. Please ensure you go for a good submission and be in the 25 percent category.
  • The fee is charged as a review price.Your payments will not be refunded if your site is not accepted. However in case of featured listings, partial payments will be refunded after deducting $12.99 as a review fee.
  • We accept quality web sites of non-profit organizations, etc for free. Please contact us, if you have one.
  • Website placement and description used is at the sole discretion of the directory. Only "Featured Listings" are allowed in top categories.
  • For payments, we trust Paypal. Arrangement for other payment methods can be made on special request.
  • For any question, enquiries, problems, etc. Please use the contact form and we will be more than happy to reply to your queries as soon as possible.

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Regular links$12.99
Regular links with reciprocal$12.99

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